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Flow Bamboo Lighting To Illuminate Remote Areas

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The utilization of alternative energy such as wind energy through wind turbines is always there is the best place to operate it like at the beach where there is always a lot of strong winds. But sometimes in the remote areas even at the beach do not get the energy they should have like energy for lighting, especially for street lighting.
An interesting idea from IGenDesign which designed "Flow" which is the combination of wind power or a vertical wind turbine , bamboo, and LEDs. Exploiting wind power in remote areas to serve their own energy needs and could result in street lighting along the beach far from the settlement.

The light sources placed at the ends of the wind blades which is the bamboo that cutting angularly so the lamp lights downwards to the road users and its motion can be seen from afar. It will also be able to continuous lighting surface or slow, waving movements and play of light, depending on the speed of the rotation.
The lamps are designed in the spiral form to hold the wind from every direction. The wind energy will rotate the bamboo and a dynamo that generates electricity to light the LEDs through the wires.
The materials from nature such as the bamboo is environmentally friendly because it does not generate waste. This attractive design is very cheap and when the night is comes it will help illuminate the road along the coast of the grid is not available by serve their own energy.
Ref : http://earthalternate.blogspot.com/2010/03/flow-bamboo-lighting-to-illuminate.html


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